Pippy: Python for the Palm

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Pippy has not been under active development for some time and is no longer being maintained by the original authors.

27 April 2002     Pippy development has been moved to Sourceforge!


Welcome to the official site for Pippy, the port of Python to the PalmOS. Pippy runs on the PalmOS (version 3.5 and higher) and passes a subset of the standard Python regression test suite without failures or errors.


Latest Version: Pippy 0.7

Pippy 0.7 is the latest release of our port of Python 1.5.2+ to the PalmOS. Significant improvements have been made in this release. The most significant changes of this release are:

  • Speed Improvements
    • Application startup, shutdown, and display speed increased
    • Replaced the memory manager, resulting in a 20x increase in memory allocation speed and an overall improvement in performance.
  • Reduced use of the dynamic heap by moving most read-only objects and dictionary internals to the data manager.
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Added development code for use with CodeWarrior


  • FAQ

  • Differences between Pippy and Python-1.5.2+

    Numerous modules have been removed from the core Python language, either to reduce the code footprint or because the feature is inapplicable or is ill-suited to the PalmOS. For instance, the parser/compiler was removed to reduce the memory footprint and conserve the dynamic heap. Consequently, embedded applications should not assume its presence (however, setting a flag during the build process will include the compiler if desired).

    More specifically,

    • floating point and complex numbers
    • parser/compiler (included in this release but may be removed via a configuration option at build time)

    were removed to reduce the memory footprint,

    • doc strings

    were removed to reduce heap consumption, and

    • dynamic linking
    • signals
    • path related code

    were deleted as they are not applicable to the PalmOS platform.

    All built in functions have been preserved. Those associated with removed features (such as complex(), float(), etc) will raise a MissingFeatureError. Likewise for Python modules that include removed features (this happens when compiling modules with a more capable version of Python).

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